Zorghotel, Roermond

In the area of the Laurentius Hospital Roermond (LZR) is an eight-story high-care hotel for rehabilitation clients. Inside and outside a viewer!
The hotel offers people who still need care, to stay in a comfortable and luxurious environment.

The nicer the environment, the sooner someone recovers. That is the philosophy behind the care hotel. Everything is aimed at creating a healing environment, a hotel environment with a four **** allure, with all the comforts. In total there are sixty hotel rooms in the care hotel. A large part is intended for geriatric rehabilitation clients from De Zorggroep. Ten rooms are intended for patients at the hospital who cannot or prefer not to go home after a medical procedure.

VAN AKEN Concepts, Architecture & Engineering developed a comprehensive concept for the care hotel with a lot of transparency, inside and outside. The special elegant facades are covered with a ceramic curtain, in a warm color that fits the light brick of the surrounding buildings. Inside, there is the same warm atmosphere with wooden floors, an inviting lounge area with comfortable corner benches, a modern cafe and a chic restaurant with patio.

Guests stay in modernly appointed hotel rooms with luxury bathrooms, where everything is adapted for the less mobile guest. For example, all rooms have carpeted floors, which are suitable for wheelchairs.

In the low-rise building next to the care hotel, the hotel guest finds a large rehabilitation center, which makes use of all the treatment staff of the LZR and the Zorggroep. From child rehabilitation to day care and cardiac and lung rehabilitation. All under one roof. Everything is designed to encourage people to use public spaces. ‘Do not stay in your room but be among the people’, this also contributes to the recovery.


De Zorggroep



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