World Stage Design, Cardiff

Design a temporal sustainable theatre

• The theatre should consider the dynamics of the site, the orientation, atmosphere and associations; the relationship with surrounding spaces and buildings, the views, transitions, boundaries and the quality of light and acoustics.

• The theatre should provide seating for an audience of 100 to 150. The theatre will be used both for performances and formal presentations.

• The theatre will have access to toilet, shower and dressing room facilities in the AHC building. Front of House facilities will be provided elsewhere on site, external to the sustainable theatre building.

• The theatre should be designed to be built without manufacturing any of the structure, using either existing and READILY available building components or alternative sustainable elements.

• This is not an open air theatre, and as such will need to be both weather and soundproof.

• The theatre will at times need to be able to provide blackout to allow theatre lighting; this does not exclude the use of natural light as a feature of the design. Theatrical lighting will be provided.

• There should be consideration for the use of sustainable power sources.

• The theatre is a temporary installation - it should be designed to be structurally self- supporting and should consider ease and speed of construction, within an approximate two week construction period.

• The cost of the construction, internal and external finish of the theatre must not exceed £20,000.00 (UK Pound Sterling) in material costs. Labour for construction will be provided.




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