Woonhuis Waalre, Waalre

It was the principal’s wish to design a villa in a modern Mediterranean style. The natural differences in level of the terrain had to be respected: these are dunes that have come to existence by wind drift in former days.

The difference in level of about 2 meters originated the idea to realise the basement level, that lies on ground level on the garden side, as a base upon which the actual house is built as a clear cube. By doing so the residential level lies 1 meter above ground level seen from the street, while overseeing the garden beautifully from the first floor on the garden side of the house. The swimming pool with its terrace forms its own split-level between the garden and the residential level.

Viewed from the street the villa lies discreetly in the landscape, while the garden side inspires with awe because it is the only side where you can perceive the full height of the villa. The base is dark, stony and rough, as a contrast with the smooth white surface of the house. A base that is compatible with the garden and even partially flushed into the landscape. In detail and design of the architecture, this theme of contrasts between the two parts of the building is further accentuated: openings in the white facade are lying deep in the facade and give a strong compositioning shadow effect. The window frames in the base on the other hand are detailed smoothly with the surface of the facade.



Fam. Neggers


Norbert van Onna

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