Westpoint, Tilburg

Westpoint is a residential tower of 142 metres high with 154 luxury apartments and a high-rise building with 54 apartments on a parking garage with commercial spaces. This plan is developed within the framework of the development zone in the station area and forms a spacious antecedent to the Interpolis tower. The architecture has endeavoured to create an abstract appearance with a transparent façade facing the city. These façades have a concrete honeycomb structure, so that the residential area is only visible in a second layer.

An artistic application of colour on the jambs turns the building into a support for an enormous painting. The other façades are made of dark concrete and are perforated with a pattern of square windows. One and the same architectonic theme is to be found in the high-rise; side and rear façades have the same perforated concrete façade as the tower. On the front façade the windows are all players in a subtle game with bay windows springing out and background details shrinking back on the building walls.



Ballast Nedam  

38,200 m²


Stijn Poelstra

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