Westeraam College, Elst

The Westeraam College is a wide school for lower-level technical and vocational education, in which a number of general and regional secondary educational institutions, including a music school and sports facilities, collaborate. The project is located in the central zone (the cultural and facilitary heart) of the new residential district Westeraam in Elst (in the province of Gelderland). The design is composed of three volumes. The educational part and the sports part are connected by a volume in which the general and supporting functions, such as the entrance, the auditorium, and the multimedia centre, are accommodated.

The educational part with the departments of care & welfare and economics presents itself towards the district and is freely accessible to residents of the district. At the same time, the identities of the regional music school (Streekmuziekschool) and the regional educational institute ROC are preserved. This way, the concept anticipates the educational vision of the school, offering dedicated 'places' to the lower and intermediate levels of education, both within and outside of the school. These educational areas have a great deal of flexibility. For example, the corridor, which has a width of 7.2 metres, and which has been designed as a self-study location, has become part of the classrooms. This way, extra space was created without having to cut back on the floor area of the classrooms. In addition, the classrooms can be interconnected to be able to offer subject-transcending, thematic education. Both the lower and intermediate levels of education will have their own relaxation space, to meet and chill out.




9,000 m²


Hans Koppelmans

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