Van Harenterrein, Venray

The architectural plan has been developed as a 1-layer plinth bearing 3 urban villas of 2 to 4 layers as an accent to the corner. The plinth was designed as a clear base where the landscape is continued in the form of gabions. The apartments are clearly recognizable in their scale to the city and are placed at ground level on Noordsingel. As a result a clear articulation remains visible. A heavy terrestrial base with a light construction.

The chosen materials fit with the concept of the building. Gabions with natural stone and light gray stucco. The frames are made of plastic. This is in agreement with the housing association who prescribed maintenance free materials. Accents are formed by the light-brown vertical eternit elements. Fences made of steel, painted white, are detailed with a thick handrail and thin bars to emphasize a horizontal line. The exception is the transition from Noordsingel to Raadhuisstraat where a plinth of dark stucco clarifies the scale jump between Noordsingel and Raadhuisstraat.

Commercial plinth

In the commercial plinth is a clear cut formed which serves as the entrance to the supermarket and a clear marking for shoppers who approaches the entrance from the parking lot. Loading and unloading is done internally to minimize inconvenience for residents and users of the supermarket. Parking for residents on the east side of the block.


The decor of the public areas was made by MTD landscape architects. Key ingredients are effective use of materials such as pavement bricks and asphalt. The green surfaces are filled with multi-stemmed trees, with borders of beech and hydrangeas.

48 apartments, social housing (for Wonen Limburg), supermarket, 12 parking spaces in garage. 



Van Haren Beheer Venray


Stijn Poelstra

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