TNO Industrie, Eindhoven

The gross area of TNO Industrie’s new premises consists of 30,000 m2 and includes offices, laboratories, testing halls and clean rooms. The conceptual plans for this complex provide for a flexible design, which allows offices to be converted into labs and vice versa. The building is located on the property of the Technical University of Eindhoven.
The architecture of the TNO Industrie complex was designed to fit into the character of this campus and follows its modern, albeit sober form. The materials used date from the present time however, and are representative of the user: ceramics, glass and steel are materials which are also the subject of TNO Industrie and TNO TPD’s research.

The new complex combines two institutes under one roof and the project was to translate the desire for collaboration between the two institutes into concrete form. This desire has found expression in the spacious layout of the building with a large atrium that houses all common functions: the meeting rooms, reception, library and the company’s restaurant.


De Rondom 1

TNO-TPD TU Eindhoven

30,000 m2


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