Staalmeesters, Spijkenisse

The former site of a steel factory in Spijkenisse is transformed into a nostalgic residential living area that refers to the history of the spot. Over the last 40 years Spijkenisse has grown from a small village to a city. Around the factory a lot of buildings of high contrast were built, and, eventually, the steel factory ended up in the middle of the town. When the factory decided to move, a beautiful place became available to restore the coherence in the city.

In order to express the theme of tranquillity and slowing down in the plan, the architect used modest means to create diversity in the façades and the streetscape. Even though the district is recognizable as a merchant district, it is not a mishmash of different façades that remind of past times. Instead, the district radiates tranquillity.
A schematic model of openings and brickwork sides provides harmony. The stone type also contributes to the harmonic unity. All outdoor rooms, pavements, street illumination, garden fences, fences, carports and storages were designed by the architect. Inspired by the church, the architect put buttresses in the façade in between every house. The steel beams above the openings on the ground floor are decorative elements that refer to the former steel factory.

In the southern part of the project 99 premises are located: 69 houses and an apartment building of 30 residences. This is a fairly big amount in relation to the surface. The consequences resulting from this are in a special way fitted in the assignment to build historicizing.
By smart and smooth designing VAN AKEN has managed to give the Staalmeesters a low density appearance, and to create spacious residences. People who have moved to the area, really like living in Staalmeesters and are very involved in their district.



De Koning Wessels

15,000 m²


Jef Klaassens


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