Spring, Breda

VAN AKEN have created the design for a new development in a recently-created urban area in Breda called “Spring”, as commissioned by the housing corporation WonenBreburg and Kikx development. It involves the infill plan of the “VOS area” that consists of six sub-plans. VAN AKEN have managed with their design to create a harmonious relationship between the various parts.
The new district provides a wide range of living, working and commercial spaces. The design covers the area Verbeetenstraat, Oosterstraat and Scheldestraat, situated to the west of Breda. There are six partial plans and they form part of the town renewal plan De Heuvel. There are 20 single-family dwellings, 12 living/office dwellings, 82 apartments and 5,000 m2 of commercial space.

Layout of the new dynamic neighbourhood
The most prominent building, that dominates the central square with its curved volume, is to be found in the heart of the Verbetenstraat and Scheldestraat. The plinth is intended for commercial use. The four upper floors house 38 apartments (sub plan I). On the west side of the Verbetenstraat is a block with commercial space on the ground floor and above that three floors with 26 apartments (sub plan II). On the east side of the Verbetenstraat 12 living/office dwellings (sub plan III) and in the Demerstraat 20 family dwellings (sub plan IV). On the corner of Verbetenstraat and Oosterstraat commercial space and above that three floors for 18 apartments (sub plan V). On the corner of Scheldestraat and Demerstraat the plan has three floors for which there has not yet been a purpose defined (sub plan VI). The Spring neighbourhood is intended to be established as one in which people can live, work and shop with great satisfaction.

Harmony and use of materials
VAN AKEN have used this design to create harmony between the six parts of the plan. Initially this is achieved by ensuring that the masonry-based architecture provides a match with the neighbouring planning entities. The facades will be erected in a red and red-brown colour with matching refinements. To contrast with the red brickwork the window-frames will be primarily white. These will be either deeply set, placed flat or with a “flower window frame” to give a greater articulation and sculpture. The plinths intended for commercial use will use glass and brick.
Depending on the neighborhood function, different atmospheres will be created. Thus the scale of the residential area is scaled down to the 20 single-family homes. The vertical rhythm of the chimneys and slightly curved street profile create an intimate ambience.




WonenBreburg; Kikx Development

16,000 m2


Stijn Poelstra

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