Showroom BMW A15, Rotterdam

Breeman’s new site consists of a BMW showroom (cars), one MINI showroom, a showroom for BMW motorcycles, a garage for maintaining both type of vehicles and the department Damage Technique Rotterdam (STR). The various disciplines all belong to Breeman Automotive Group. VAN AKEN developed a drive-in concept that matches the ambition, the future plans and the vision on service concepts of the client. In order to make most efficient use of the available space the various functions within the building are arranged vertically.

As the lowest six metres of the location are not visible due to the sound wall from the A15 motorway, the architect concentrated all after-sales functions on the ground floor. This creates a platform with good visibility from the highway.

VAN AKEN is also responsible for the interior design, from the counters to the client lounges. It had to be modern, and technically advanced. On the other hand a feeling of domesticity was also required. This can be seen in the lounge, with bright red furniture designed by Maarten van Severen.

The furniture is very technically advanced and minimalistic of design, while the colouring gives an impression of liveliness and domesticity.

The design of the counters aims for the same warmth; those where clients are received attempt to exude light and also warmth by use of wooden edges. The showrooms aim to be more neutral especially in order to allow the emphasis to be placed on the cars and motor-bikes.


Driemanssteeweg 160

F. Breeman Auto- en Motorbedrijven

13,500 m²


Hans Koppelmans

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