Rumah Kita, Wageningen

The foundations Dennenrust in Wageningen and De Hostert in Ewijk have entered into a collaboration in order to realise a care centre for elderly people with an Indonesian or Moluccan background. The property is located near the old historic centre of Wageningen.

The residence accommodates 100 care places without nursing, and 60 care places with nursing (psycho-geriatric), with the corresponding support functions. The concept includes a care and nursing part, which is connected by means of a covered lane to an inner courtyard with Indonesian elements, such as an Indonesian pavilion. The design anticipates the current trend towards culture-specific residential and nursing care. The recreational room (the PASAR) is centrally located. It is the main meeting place. Immediately bordering the care centre, another 28 sheltered apartments have been developed.



Plein 15 augustus

Zinzia Zorggroep

9,280 m2


Hans Koppelmans

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