Ronald McDonald home, Veldhoven

A Ronald McDonald Home has been built alongside the Maxima Medical Centre in Veldhoven. The facility provides room for 8 parents of seriously ill children. The building has a unique design based on a vision that parents, who are going through rough times, often far from home, should have access to a safe place that allows them to temporarily escape the hospital’s confines.

The building projects calm. The curved shape of the building literally projects the image of two protecting arms that surround the visitor. You are able to withdraw, but the communal living room and kitchen also offer warmth and comfort. The use of warm materials, including the generous use of natural wood and the comfort provided by the rooms and living rooms stand in sharp contrast to the hospital environment. The project was the initiative of a number of local entrepreneurs from Veldhoven.


De Run 4604

Ronald McDonaldhuis

1,200 m2


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