Rode Kruis, Eindhoven

The Red Cross building at the Willem van Konijnenburglaan in Eindhoven has been completed after a major renovation. Especially the facade, entrance hall and interior of the building have been taken care of by the makeover. The renovation was needed because the last renovation dated from 1981. VAN AKEN was responsible for the design of the new building and the design of the new interior.

An important goal of the renovation was to emphasize the open character of the Red Cross and to emphasize cooperation with volunteers. Also, the identity of the organization had to be visibly stronger. VAN AKEN therefore worked on the appearance of the exterior of the building as well as the interior of the entrance and the office. The entire façade was cleaned and provided with new stucco, the aged entrance gate was made as transparent as possible.

Striking on the renovation is that all work and materials are sponsored or delivered with a lot of discounts by local suppliers. VAN AKEN took care of the design, technical design and project management. The Red Cross is one of the relations for whom VAN AKEN works pro deo as part of its CSR (corporate social responsibility) policy. The agency helps parties in that framework with advice and guidance.


Willem van Konijnenburglaan

Red Cross


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