Research cluster BioMedizin, Aachen

The Biomedical Engineering Cluster of RWTH Aachen will be built on a prominent location on campus Melaten. It will house a unique combination of education and research facilities at the Medical Faculty of the RWTH Aachen.

The building
The VAN AKEN design demonstrates efficient use of space. The atrium on the ground floor offers plenty of daylight. Bookshop and café are placed around this atrium. The facade of the cafe can be opened and offers, when the weather allows, space for dynamic interaction with the outside. Exactly opposite the main entrance is a multifunctional space. The learning lounge is centrally located on the 1st floor, attached to the two atria and focused on the main entrance. It offers a panoramic view to the northwest. The dean's office is on top and therefore somewhat shielded from the daily hustle and bustle.

The facade
The architectural concept is characterized by a strict geometric cube shape with large transparent incisions. This creates a balance between the open and closed facades. The building volume seems to float above a light glass base.

The atrium
As a reference to the medical professions the architectural statement of the building for bio-medical technology stands for strong functionality. The central red staircase with its powerful lines is both symbolic and real, the main artery: lifeline and connection between all parts of the building.

It connects atrium, stimulates creativity and communication and is a unique central location in the building: curiosity, education and knowledge come together. Openness, transparency and exchange of spatial and human qualities. The atrium also plays a pivotal role in the climate and energy building concept. In all seasons, it acts as a temperature buffer and guarantees the residential quality and energy efficiency.

RWTH Campus, Aachen


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