Regentekwartier, Eindhoven

By partially cleaning up Philips plants in the centre of Eindhoven, it was possible to bring about a new development for this area, the so-called Regentekwartier. High-rise building 'Regent' is part of these plans. The concept includes a 96-meter high building of 102 flats, and 460 flats in square blocks of houses, called 'Regentekwartier', and forms a spatial unit with 'Witte Dame'. This White Lady is a typical Philips plant and has been transformed into a bustling multifunctional centre. The high-rise building stands as an extension of this plant on a distinct location in the city. The ground floor and first floor of the tower and the ground floor of the squares on Willemstraat have commercial use, they form a logical transition between the existing shops and offices in the city centre and the new project.

The integral project places new connections in the city and comprises also the development of several urban spaces; the Regent is on Clausplein, forming a relation between Lichtplein at 'Witte Dame' and city centre. In between the square blocks of houses are green inner spaces, one of which is arranged as a public area. This public area is the counterpart of the Wilhelminaplein.


Ontwikkelings Combinatie Willemstraat B.V.

87,800 m²


In cooperation with MTD Landschapsarchitecten


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