Rabobank, Apeldoorn

VAN AKEN produced the design for the new Financial Advice Centre of the Rabobank Apeldoorn in the Van Gelderpark. Sustainability and accessibility were the keywords for the design. VAN AKEN also made the urban design of the Van Gelderpark and is supervisor regarding all design activities in the area.

Sturdy and modest

The new office of the Rabobank has a sturdy but modest character. The ground floor with its public functions protrudes from the main building and is a real eye-catcher with a outstanding detailed wooden facade. This gives a warm and inviting effluence of the building. The main building is intended for office functions and seems to float above the landscape.


Sustainability forms an integral part of the design. The choice for brick provides good isolation and high accumulative capacity of the building. Also use has been made of preserved wood and the ground-floor  roof is covered with stonecrops. As well as the storage of hot and cold energy storage in the ground, photo voltaic panels are placed on the south facade. These steps make the office extremely energy efficient. The energy performance is 30% better than is normal.

Urban design

The Van Gelderpark was formerly the site of the Van Gelder paper factory. “AM” developed five distinctive office buildings in a rural setting. VAN AKEN is, in close co-operation with Apeldoorn municipality and landscape gardeners MTD, responsible for the design. Quality, sustainability and the visibility and the experience of the old stream that dominates this site are central urban design themes in this plan. VAN AKEN has also taken upon itself the supervision of the plan. Next to the Rabobank the regional police station and the fire brigade are located on the Van Gelderpark and together they form the southwest “gateway” to the area. This area will be further developed over the next few years to form a high-class office location, the most important location for office space in Apeldoorn.

Interior of Rabobank Apeldoorn

Much attention has been paid to sustainability in the interior of the new Financial Advice Centre of the Rabobank Apeldoorn. The parquet is made from bamboo and the carpet is produced from used fibres, and will be recycled to new carpet after its lifecycle. Also the office furniture has a recycle guarantee. The furniture in the multifunctional restaurant is made from recycled plastic bottles. Further the local links between the Rabobank and the local community are visible in the interior. The photographer Martin Hogeboom has imaginatively made illustrations of Apeldoorn and surroundings. These images have been used to decorate the walls and acoustic panels in the premises.



AM Vastgoedontwikkeling

7,680 m²


Stijn Poelstra

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