Portiersloge, Eindhoven

A new site for living and working where the feeling for its historical roots is not forgotten: That is “Strijp-S”, formerly a location of Philips factories. These factories are now closed and “Park Strijp-S beheer” is developing a new future for the site together with Eindhoven municipality.

Contemporary Information Centre

There was a need for a central place where all information concerning the development of Strijp-S could be displayed. One of the two original gate houses that still exist was to be converted to a reception building for the Strijp-S area: a contemporary and inviting rendezvous. In this building people can obtain information concerning the site and planned future developments. Groups that wish to visit the area can meet a Tourist Information guide or gather information about the site themselves.

The challenge was to use the building, limited in space, as a means to disseminate a lot of different information. In order to avoid a situation where the visitors cannot see the wood for the trees there has been chosen, together with communication experts FPW, to provide as much as possible data in a digital form. The only concrete objects are a large model of the site and a few black and white photographs illustrating the history of the area. All other information is available in a digital form using a Multi Touch Table. This table has a large touch screen whereby all information about Strijp-S can be found. It is a system that is linked to a huge model; by touching the buildings on the model various information (past, present and future) is displayed on a 3D street map.
The rest of the available room is used for a kitchenette, a toilet and the kitchen. These are made in a small factory freely situated in the space. The original gatehouse area is used by the Tourist Information guides and other personnel. Tables, the floor, pillars of the model, and the touch screen machine and the little factory are all coated in green with polyurea, which gives a monolithic image.

Second coat facade

The porter’s lodge is covered with a semi-transparent synthetic material in order to make the building seem higher, more appropriate to the scale of the area. The new material covers the whole building except that part where the gate-keepers used to sit. Here the glass has been deliberately left as it is. LED lights are placed between the synthetic material and the old facade to allow for an noteworthy lighting system and a distinct point of orientation in Strijp-S.


Torenallee 1

Park Strijp-S Beheer  

146 m²


Stijn Poelstra

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