Muziekgebouw, Eindhoven

The Music centre with a main hall, a small hall and a foyer, is part of the Heuvel shopping centre.

The main hall has a 1,200-seat capacity and is multifunctional in its design. The hall’s highly acclaimed acoustics and seating plan can be modified to suit the type of concert.

As a result, the facility can accommodate concerts ranging from classical to pop (2,000 people). The small hall has a 450 seating capacity and its intimate atmosphere makes it well suited for chamber music. The foyer creates an interaction between useable spaces, empty spaces and balconies on different floors. Concertgoers can wander through these areas. The various areas in the foyer allow for the set-up of multiple podiums during larger events.



Gemeente Eindhoven              

1996 / verbouwing 2010

11,500 m2

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