Makita, Eindhoven

Fast Track

The Benelux office of Makita consists of an office and a warehouse. It was one of the first additions to the “Park Forum West” business park in Eindhoven. It is a perfect example of how to build quickly, within budget, and yet retain quality. The whole process, from initiation to commissioning, took less than two years.

Careful integration

The Makita premises have been very carefully integrated into the town plan made by MVRDV. These premises consist of two cubic volumes with uniform material usage. They are to be found in the prime position within the site and differ as to colour and size. The first building is 14 metres high and uses red metal cladding. The second one is eight metres high with silver coloured perforated metal cladding. In this way the design fulfils absolutely the demands made within the environmental quality plan.

Working and meeting with pleasure

Makita’s new  company building is intended to afford a pleasurable working environment for all employees and to encourage easy contact between them. In the heart of the building lies an atrium which serves as central junction and informal meeting place for all staff. This atrium is set up as a showroom so that Makita has a prominent stage for her products.

Green outdoor spaces

Behind the building a patio is situated bordering on the canteen. A second patio is to be found in the front of the building and serves as the main entrance. These patios are pleasant and peaceful green outdoor spaces surrounded by facades of perforated metal cladding. This perforated facade filters the sunlight and screens off the view on the surrounding business buildings.


Parkforum 1101


8,850 m²


Hans Koppelmans
Jef Klaassens

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