Kersten, Elst

The head office of Kersten Retail was divided over two buildings with a warehouse in between. The company, which has many large retail chains as their customers, has grown considerably in recent years and needed more office space. The existing accommodation was outdated after all those years.

VAN AKEN made the design for the transformation, whereby the existing warehouse space was added to the offices. The entrance was, so to speak, framed for more recognisability and the new façade of the buildings creates a new identity that better suits the clientele.

The interior was also designed by VAN AKEN. In collaboration with Kersten Retail, we opted for an interior concept in which all chosen materials, colors and shapes are in balance throughout the interior. The design is characterized by its special materials and distinctive colors. The bright yellow staircase is a real eye-catcher in the interior.

Archimedesweg 2, Elst

Kersten Techniek

2,300 m2


Twelve Photographic Services

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