Kennedytoren, Eindhoven

The Kennedy Tower is part of the Kennedy Business Centrum, a business area in the centre of
Eindhoven, north of the central station.
The town-planning model, the parking garage and the ground level were designed by Kees
Christiaanse Architects & Planners. The plan symbolises Eindhoven as a technological city in that
it is shaped like a printed circuit board on which the various office buildings can display their
individuality. The plan consists of 5 perpendicular building zones on the railway line, through
which the transparent skyline to the inner city is assured. The strips are dissected by a diagonal
opening to the station. In the vertical sense Christiaanse has differentiated the transparent
ground level, which is defined to a height of 7 metres, and where, by preference, public services
are housed. Up to a height of 22 metres the building strips are filled with offices, and above this
roofline there is an option for every building to add on.

The Kennedy Tower forms a landmark in the area. With its entirely glass façades, in a so-called
double-skin façade execution on the tower, it is an eye catcher in the area, whereby the
transparency on the one hand gives expression to the technological, revitalising ambience, and on
the other hand forms a neutral transition between the architectonically totally different buildings
of the Kennedy Business Centre. 

The decision to make the construction of steel eliminated the problem of a closed concrete core: the building becomes really transparent and offers great freedom in the layout of the office floors.

Kennedyplein 1

Ontwikkelings Combinatie Eindhoven

30,000 m2



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