innocent factory 'the blender', Rotterdam

The blender', the first innocent factory, will be CO2 neutral and a great place to work.

innocent builds the world's favourite little drinks factory, called 'the blender'. It will be a very sustainable factory, good for the environment and people. The blender will be CO2-neutral, water efficient, and the resulting waste must be reduced, reused and recycled. The factory will rise on the Kop van Beer in the Europoort of Rotterdam; a top location surrounded on three sides by water. In order to protect the building from extremely high water in the event of a westerly storm, it has been placed on a mound. This guarantees a safe location for the coming centuries. The port of Rotterdam is the new home of the blender because it is the most sustainable place for this, bringing production as close as possible to the point of entry of the ingredients.

innocent wants to make tasty, healthy drinks in a way that also keeps the planet healthy. By bringing the production network closer together, far fewer kilometres are travelled and the CO2 footprint is reduced. Designing, building and operating a sustainable factory starts with a dedicated team of partners with a shared vision of sustainability, focused on energy, water and waste reduction. VAN AKEN Concepts, Architecture, Engineering together with Aronsohn and Kragten were commissioned to design the smoothie and juice factory with a QA/QC laboratory and office, and lead the design team of the blender. VAN AKEN also successfully supervised the permit process. GEA, Fluidor, E80 and Krones are suppliers and installers of all process equipment. Their ideas and solutions are essential for the proper functioning of the blender.

VAN AKEN is responsible for the architectural design and engineering of the impressive project, with a size of over 30,000 m2. The factory is divided into three departments: production, bottling, and storage and distribution. The office is located on the sea side of the factory. One of the challenges of the project was the location: directly by the sea, without protection by dunes or dikes. The steel structure, roofing and facade cladding chosen provide the high-quality protection required against environmental influences such as salty air, storms and seawater.

The plant is becoming the pinnacle of sustainability and creates a great workplace for around 190 people. innocent's ambition is to become the world's first WELL certified plant. The WELL standard is aimed at promoting the health and well-being of people in buildings around the world. For example, the blender has been designed with a single central entrance area, with no distinction being made between employees and visitors. All employees have the same ideal working conditions when it comes to daylight, ventilation and temperature. And work with a high degree of rehearsal is carried out by robots that automatically move around the factory.

innocent will produce more than 400 million bottles of chilled drinks per year in the blender, about 60% of innocent's total production. All in all, the factory will make a major contribution to reducing innocent's overall carbon footprint, reducing the total transport kilometres travelled by around 25%. With the blender, innocent hopes to inspire others to make factories better for the planet and people, preferably even better than the blender. The juice producer sees this as a crucial step in the fight against climate change. innocent is actively working with its partners to make the factory plans available to everyone, so that every organisation can learn from them. Even competitors.

Europoort, Rotterdam


30.000 m2

2022 (expected)

Artist impressions

Topview Luchtfotografie

Michel Alofs, Thomas Beckton, Paul Grimminck, Gert van den Hoven, Frank Hurkmans, Bart Jeurissen, Tom de Vocht

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