Hunting, Eindhoven

The Hunting premises are prominently located by the T-junction Jan Hilgersweg and Henri Wijnmalenweg in the Industrial Zone of Eindhoven Airport. The most elegant side of the building is in the foreground, positioned to be easily visible when approaching the junction by road. The warehouse does not exist as a separate volume, but forms an intrinsic part of the total architectural concept.

The powerful impression generated by the building comes from a simple intervention in the design: the use of expressive canopies in anodized aluminum which continually change colour depending upon the weather conditions. These multifunctional canopies serve as sun blinds, a smoker’s balcony and as a balcony for window cleaning.

The choice of materials is made in the knowledge that they need to be resistant to the air pollution intrinsic to air transport, for example special coating, matching use of colours.

The layout of the open plan offices is flexible. Employees are afforded a generous panorama through the high glass facades. The balcony for cleaning the windows turns into a terrace that borders on the canteen.

The floor on the production area is free from vibration. The warehouse and production floor have been provided with skylights. In the latter there is daylight and it is also possible to see outside from the work area.

There is a changing room with lockers and showers for production personnel. Allowance has also been made for the specific requirements of differing religious groups.

The design is flexible. The whole premises can be divided into more than one unit, but also can be expanded. The production area can be converted to a warehouse. Under the sliding doors there is a facility for adding loading/unloading facilities.


Jan Hilgersweg


7,100 m2


Jef Klaassens

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