Houthaven blok 3b, Amsterdam

Amsterdam Houthaven was the first dug harbor in Amsterdam. Now 7 islands with a brand new residential area appear. On the third island is LIFE, a special apartment building for - in the first instance - people over 55 who want to continue living as they are used to. Enjoying the city, surrounded by luxury, space and good care.

From the Spaarndammerbuurt you walk past LIFE at ground level to the quay. There is a natural connection between old and new. You can see the Amsterdam School architecture, with a "foot and a hat," in the LIFE architectural style. Think robust building blocks, characteristic front doors, alternating facades, beautiful ornaments and traditional brickwork. The homes are adaptable to a request for care that is needed in the future.

A health center is included in the plinth, with all the facilities that are needed for the residents, such as a general practice, physiotherapy and home care.
There are six group homes for PG clients. They are located on the ground floor, the first and second floor and are oriented to the school, the water and the greenery.
Moreover, there is a neighborhood care home, where 'De Buren' offers cozy neighbourhood restaurants along with a range of services for local residents, such as shopping and doing odd jobs, walking the dog, etc.

Houthaven, Amsterdam
Eiland 3 (Revaleiland), vlek B


19.300 m2, of wich 4.000 m2 services
39 rental en 88 sale



Thomas Beckton, Stef Feijen, Gert van den Hoven, Frank Hurkmans, Bart Jeurissen, Ruud Teeuwen, Maarten Venhorst

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