Gemeentehuis Leudal, Heythuysen

The town hall is located on the main provincial road and is part of the rural and agrarian area.  The town hall is split into three volumes grouped around a courtyard and which provide some protection from the provincial road. The three volumes consist of two office wings and a restaurant for personnel. The raised and transparent round council chamber is a fourth volume with a link to the centre of the village. Here the entrance to the courtyard can be seen which symbolises the open nature of the governance. In the evening the council chamber is lit up and illuminates the roundabout.

Raw material usage

The architecture of the town hall is characterized by the slanting, natural stone slate roofs found on the two long office wings. These make a clear reference to the common building types to be found in the rural areas, especially farms and barns. In addition a distinction is made between facades with a high noise charge facing the surrounding, and the quieter ones located around the courtyard. This contrast manifests itself in the choice of materials, plasticity and openness. The outer walls consists of bricks with small openings containing window frames that are deeply placed. As contrast the facades to be found around the courtyard are covered with wood which are in line with the outside edge. On the corner of the inside and outside facades a very distinct detail is made where brick and wood meet in miter.

Steps to enhance sustainability

Leudal council are expected to give a lead as far as sustainable development is concerned. VAN AKEN were involved in an early stage of the design process, together with a specialist consultancy. In this way many sustainability measures are integrated into the design. For example, a flexible working concept is implemented which resulted in a reduction in the total office space needed and more efficient use of the space available. In addition to heat and cold storage in the bottom, the roof of the restaurant is covered with sedum vegetation. All materials are screened for sustainability. Also the council chamber and the adjacent spaces have been have been detached from the rest of the building, as far as the technical installation is concerned. The parking court is given a park-like atmosphere and wadi’s are created. This stimulates the biodiversity and provides a means for infiltration of rainwater.


Leudalplein 1

Gemeente Leudal

5,100 m²


Stijn Poelstra

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