Forensic Psychiatric Department, Oostrum

Dichterbij Oostrum” is the second largest SGLVG organisation of the in total four in the Netherlands that is to be allocated a special Forensic Psychiatric Department (FPD). This department is intended for treatment of strongly disturbed and mildly mentally handicapped (SGLVG) clients that have had problems with the legal authorities.

Shielding by the building

The FPD consists of a hook-shaped building and an Activity Centre. The hook-shaped building consists of four groups of residents and a common area. The groups lead an independent existence within a protective environment each having their own living-room and private cells. Some facilities are shared between two groups. The complex has a more severe atmosphere, than other buildings on the campus. Still it does not seem like a prison, mainly because  the hook-shaped building hides the central area from view. In this way there are less fences needed and more freedom of movement is achieved.

Attention focussed towards the outside

There are a lot of windows in the rooms which can be viewed from the outside of the building. In this way the emphasis is on looking outwards, thus predicting a future for the patients, on the outside. Also the hook-shaped building, intended for common use, clearly references to the outside world. Attention is focused on the outside world, taking into account the values of society and chances for a fresh start.

Learning and working

There are classrooms and four studios in the Activity Centre, a physically detached building. The classrooms will be used for therapy and training. The studios are intended for those activities which take place under guidance: music, woodwork, art, creative and gardening activities. The intention with this room is that the residents can learn and gain experience in a working environment.


The sports hall is an existing building now used by the residents of Dichterbij. It will eventually be available to all patients under treatment from the FPD. Accessibility will be based on planning in block-hours. A fence is set around the area used for this activity.

Care Centre

A new Care Centre has been built, with office space. This is used as the entry point for the area. Support functions for employees such as security, traffic control and the night care are housed here.



Stichting Dichterbij

2,355 m²


Stijn Poelstra

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