Efteling Raveleijn, Kaatsheuvel

Efteling is a family park par excellence. At the same time museum, open air and amusement park it is a park that can fascinate young and old. Beautiful garden architecture goes hand in hand with fantastic beautifully designed buildings and attractions in a consistent Anton Pieck atmosphere. It can charm and enchant both young and old.

VAN AKEN considers it an honour (as well as a challenge) to be able to work together with Efteling artists on various attractions (the Pandadroom, Polles Keuken, Raveleijn with Poortgebouw, and Bosrijk - themed holiday homes and the entrance building with hotel apartments and a swimming pool)

Raveleijn is a building where various functions come together. The building serves as an office building for staff and management of Efteling and it also serves as an entrance building for visitors who come by appointment in connection with the hiring of part of the Efteling. At the same time, Raveleijn is one of the top attractions, the arena with the wooden tribune is the stage for a spectacular show with real horses and tame ravens!

Raveleijn is connected to a WKO installation, has daylight-controlled artificial lighting and is equipped with sedum roofs. Despite the fact that everything looks weathered and old and somewhat broken (this is the work of the Efteling artists), the use of materials has been chosen for their maintenance-free and sustainable aspects.




Stijn Poelstra

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