De Rembrandt, Eindhoven

On the location of the former Rembrandt cinema in the centre of Eindhoven 61 studio flats, 15 apartments and a commercial space have been created. VAN AKEN has designed the complex and the “living machine” (applied in the studios), commissioned by Wooninc.

Layout design

The apartment complex consists of seven floors. The ground floor is intended for commercial purposes as well as a bicycle storage for the residents. The studios and flats are to be found on the six floors above. There are in total 61 units intended for residency, the space varying from 40 to 60 square metres, intended for young people up to 30 years old. The 15 more spacious apartments measure form 90 to 110 square metres.

Robust from the outside, light on the inside

The design made by VAN AKEN generates liveliness in the town centre. The building has for its exterior a modern and robust atmosphere. The bay windows protrude a metre from the facade and are transparent on two sides. This helps to give residents a real feeling of 'living in the town'. The rough brickworks add to the feeling of permanence and also provide a 'protection' against the demands of city life. On the other hand the interior is “soft”. It seems light and transparent and clearly marks a new location in town. The inside world comes to the outside world through a glass incision which travels through the whole building. This begins at Emmasingel and ends at Vrijstraat. There this architectural phenomenon is further emphasised by a protruding balcony. A second accent is a glass corner on the top two floors. This serves in the evening as a luminaire towards the town.

Special entrance and patio

On the Emmasingel side there is a public space with the special entrance to the Rembrandt. Design office ONSjan made a curved steel banister in the shape of a tree with 70 green letter-boxes that give the impression that they are leaves. This is designed to give the impression that the banister 'grows' further in the entrance of the Rembrandt. Behind that there is a patio garden with the entrances for the residences. The patio serves as a meeting-place for the residents and generates its own dynamics.

Living machine

A new and innovative concept called living machine has been introduced with the Rembrandt. All studios have been equipped with a space-saving and multifunctional cube which measures 2,7 by 2,3 metres. Here all essential living functions are integrated such as a bathroom with shower, toilet, kitchen and storage space. The living machine is especially developed for the smaller and not-too-expensive homes.





5,530 m²


Stijn Poelstra

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