De Mandemakers Groep, Waalwijk

The new headquarters and distribution centre of the Mandemakers Group (DMG) is to be found in Waalwijk (The Netherlands). The building, completed in May 2008, consists of office space totalling 15,000 m2 and a distribution centre of 42,000 m2.

The philosophy behind the design attempts to illustrate the twin pillars of quality and variety within DMG. As the premises offers a home to differing kitchen formulae, each of which exist under their own name and operate independently, the building needs to reflect this variety. A choice has been made for building volumes with ninety degree angles that fold around a courtyard. By the entrance everything is transparent with glass walls and ceilings reaching as far as the third floor of the adjacent office. The building contains, as well as all normal office facilities, a fitness room, a children’s nursery and a bar. The atmosphere is exuberant but intimate. Also the other functional entities such as the fitness, the coffee corners and most decidedly the nursery have their own distinct atmosphere.

DMG is a dynamic company with similarly dynamic program requirements. In consultations between architect and the principal the initial design was ever further developed. Very high demands in conjunction with a keen eye for detail contributed to the realisation of an original building in which high quality materials were utilised.

The aim was to apply a maximum amount of measurements for sustainable construction. The project made use of High Efficiency (HE)++ glass, HE boilers, a optimum isolation and a large heat accumulating capacity of the building. In addition, a low temperature heating and balanced ventilation with heat recovery are applied.


Gragtmansstraat 3

De Mandemakers Groep

57,000 m²


Ruud Peijnenburg

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