De Donksbergen, Duizel

Away from the built-up area in Duizel, in a site dominated by woodland, there is the residential park “De Donksbergen”. This site is one of the locations in South-East Brabant run by Lunetzorg. This organisation supports and cares for people with intellectual restrictions.

The residents of De Donksbergen belong to all age categories. There are differing types of residence, with various facilities with regard to daytime activities, work, accommodation and recreation.

VAN AKEN have designed an urban plan for the redevelopment of the site “De Donksbergen”. In addition, they have produced a blueprint for five communal residences and one workshop. Allowing for the fact that the residents never leave the site, a clear demarcation between the working and living environment has been made. That contributes significantly to the structure in the lives of the residents: ‘here is where I live, there is where I work’. The workshop is meant for adult residents. There they can perform activities both requiring exact or less exact handling skills.

The areas for living and work differ in terms of style, use of materials and in colour. The living quarters have warm, reddish brown brickwork. This pays homage to a farmhouse atmosphere in a rural environment. In the workshop wood is chosen as building material, both in the interior and exterior furnishings. In this manner the workshop merges into the woodland environment.


Berkvenseweg 2

Van Aarle De Laat iov Lunet Zorg


Jef Klaassens

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