CPO Landhof Zuid, Eindhoven

At Landhof Zuid in the district Meerhoven in Eindhoven dwellings are being built according to the principle of collective private commissioning. It involves a site of 9,750 m2, free from aesthetic regulations, upon which 44 soil-bound dwellings are to be realised. The town-planning aspects and the design itself were made under auspices of the Landhof Zuid association. The homes were designed in close cooperation with the residents and as a result closely match their requirements.

Harmonious totality

The cooperation with the residents has resulted in 22 different types of dwellings from which they may make their choice. This involves both townhouses, twin houses and corner houses. The residents were given the opportunity to make known to the architect their requirements and wishes, which resulted in a diversity of demands. The challenge was thus to create a total entity with harmony. Upon completion both the neighbourhood and the homes reflected the wishes of the residents to a considerable extent.



Vereniging Landhof Zuid

4,680 m²


Stijn Poelstra

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