Catharinenberg, Oisterwijk

On the corner of Poirterstraat and Moergestelseweg in Oisterwijk an apartment complex has been created intended to result in dwellings suitable for senior citizens in need of care. This development will produce 80 spacious apartments for hire of which 11 are intended for patients with a psychiatric problem. In addition there is office space for the care provider Amaliazorg and a parking garage.

Central Convent

This design gives the monastery again a central and important place. The new design can be considered to embrace the convent and and restores the line of sight on the chapel and the main buildings. A link is made to the convent gardens, from the central inner area through the historic Kastanjelaan. In this way the residents are once again given access to these special gardens.

Place in history

The development consists of three volumes set like separate buildings. The complex forms an ensemble together with former convent. The architectural style from the former extension of the monastery is continued in the new living complex. In terms of scale, grain size, architecture and use of materials, the Catharinenberg fits into the historical image of Oisterwijk. This is to be seen in the differing shades of brick, light coloured paint and ornamental concrete.  


Koestraat 37

Woonstichting Leystromen

13,280 m²


Stijn Poelstra

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