Brede school Huurlingsedam, Wijchen

VAN AKEN have made the design for the new community school with multifunctional accommodation (MFA) “Huurlingsedam” in Wijchen. The property hosts a school of 12 classes for “De Trinoom” and a community centre. Multifunctionality, sustainability, serenity and a healthy indoor climate for the children are central to the design.

Optimal functional layout

The functional layout ensures that optimum use can be made of the space available to the school and the community centre without any danger that they get in each other’s way. Central to this purpose is the hall with a striking stage stairway. This stairway can be used for performances without the need to commandeer other spaces used by the centre or the school. The classrooms deliberately are not included in the multifunctional areas to help ensure that the school retains its own identity. On the other hand the recreational and administrative areas for teachers and the meeting rooms can be used by the community centre.     


The ambitions for sustainability have been realised by means of using sustainable materials and a sedum roof which not only allows the natural processing of rain water but also provides a good isolation value. In the design the orientation of the classrooms to the sun has been taken into account. They are situated so that the sun causes as little discomfort as possible both in terms of light and heat. The Energy efficiency has been calculated at 0.74, well under the norm of 1.1.

Peace, serenity and healthy indoor climate

The high spacious rooms, with large windows of variable height, create for the facade a cheerful and relaxed character. In addition this allows a surfeit of daylight entry, spatial experience and a healthy interior climate. Furthermore the internal climate is optimised by combining underfloor heating with a balanced ventilation with energy recovery.

Village atmosphere

The intention is that the building should fit into the village atmosphere of Huurlingsedam. Architecturally this results in three blocks next to each other with their own roof. The three volumes are formed out of a cheerful brickwork formed in different sized bricks, resulting in a less than strict composition.


Brink 23-27

Stichting Kans en Kleur

2,070 m²



Stijn Poelstra

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