Bosch, Eindhoven

At the start of 2012 four hundred employees of Bosch Security Systems moved into the SFF building located on Strijp-S. The former head office of the Consumer Lifestyle division of Philips was therefore given a new lease of life. The building will be revitalized and will satisfy the demands made now and in the future.

Attractive new plinth

The entrance for the ground floor of the SFF building is a half floor above the surrounding grounds. In order to maintain the link with the Torenallee, the important central point of the master plan made by design office “West 8”, a new and attractive plinth was added to the building. The entrance was turned around to face the said Torenallee. In addition an outdoor terrace on the plinth is projected as well as a raised garden decorated with gabions full of rocks. This ads to the “green” character of the building.
The gravel concrete facades are cleaned, thus affording a fresh feeling to the building. Notable elements of the building will be the structure where the electrical and other installations are located and a gangway, both with the striking colour red of the Bosch Company.

New office set-up

The floors above the offices have been subject to a new set up. All partitions are being removed. Consequently open plan offices and office cells are being create. In the centre of each floor there is an informal meeting place.


Glaslaan 2

Credo Integrale Planontwikkeling



Stijn Poelstra

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