Bachtensteene, Middelburg

In the grade II listed centre of Middelburg one can find the location “Bachtensteene”, a trapezoidal shaped plot enclosed by the Burggang, the Bachtensteene and the rear side of the Kapoenweg. The previous buildings on this location dated from just after the Second World War and were, without doubt, due for replacement.

The design followed the town-planning concepts and the corresponding conditions defined by bureau BGSV. Most main building volume is concentrated on the Bachtensteene but with two clearly defined accents, one to the junction Bachtensteene-Burggang and the other in the direction of the square. The area between these two accents is slightly withdrawn from front alignment and effuses itself a humble atmosphere. The ground floor of this intermediate section has been set up to be transparent. Here we find the main entrance to the building.

On the rear side of the main building there is a second structure separated from the Burggang by a small strip of green and on the other side bordering on an enclosed city park.

For both areas the choice of materials has been made with a view to reinforcing the relationship with the neighbouring vicinity. The main building is formed by dark brown, mottled brickwork, combined with generously-sized windows. For the second structure the brickwork, while still mottled, has a lighter shade. Contact between the two structures is achieved by an atrium which, with a copious amount of glass, provides space where the structures meet. On the street side the facades are open and transparent. Where there is physical contact with the Kapoengang they have been left rather more closed.

Behind both structures there is a hidden, and intimate, city park.     


Stichting Werkt vor Ouderen

4,700 m2


Stijn Poelstra

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