Baanderherenweg, Boxtel

After an extensive renovation the final apartments in two buildings on the Baanderherenweg in Boxtel were delivered end of 2010. Commissioned by the Housing Association St.Joseph, who put the renovation out to tender in 2007, VAN AKEN produced a design which was intended to guarantee the architectural quality of the buildings and ensure that they are fit for purpose in the modern times.

The four-storey flats needed to match the neighbouring new buildings in the district Selissenwal. The flats were in need of total renovation and no longer fit for present-day needs. Therefore improvements were required both from a architectural point of view as well as to the quality of the buildings themselves. Both buildings were stripped to the bare, the inside walls and the front and back facade were completely removed. Subsequently an ingenious way was found to introduce lifts in the building and the flats were restructured. Also thermal insulation was introduced and a ventilation system was installed. By use of wood, plaster and glass in the new facades a completely new fresh atmosphere was created.

In the two buildings there are 14 flats for sale and 21 for rent. After the renovation three different types are to be found: studios, two and three room apartments. The residences have a modern bathroom and kitchen. Also included is a large balcony in the front and a French balcony in the back.



Woonstichting St. Joseph

2,000 m²


Jef Klaassens

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