ASML Cleanrooms, Eindhoven

ASML New Constructions is a combination of offices and clean rooms, the latter of which have already been built and constitute more than 17,000 m2 gross floor area. ASML required buildings with utmost flexibility both for the clean rooms and the offices.

The clean rooms consist of space for assembly, testing and laboratory tasks. The clean rooms were set up in as general a way as was possible to allow for later redevelopment. For this purpose it is essential that all the operating materials are accessible throughout the building, and the choice was made for a uniform system of raised floors and lowered ceilings. By standardising the height of the ceilings at 5m an optimum flexibility was achieved. In this way it became possible to convert a clean room to laboratories with a minimum of effort.

One of the functions required from the project was an improvement in the links between the buildings, resulting in better contact between departments and a reduction in the walking distances involved. In order to improve access to the clean room from the development offices the latter are situated above the clean room buildings. Central lifts provide direct access to the clean rooms via a large changing room/airlock.



17,000 m²


Stijn Poelstra

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