Alde Steeg, Beuningen

The site of Alde Steeg is located in the middle of the historic center of Beuningen, between the tower of Blankenburg castle and the tower of the old church. Architect VAN AKEN's plan guides the line of sight between castle and church as a new "church path" with group homes. These buildings respond to the vision of the caregiver about normalized living. No large-scale care projects, but smaller forms of living that also fit better into the village atmosphere.

A total of 64 care apartments and 72 places for group living have been realized. On the ground floor of the main building there is a restaurant, a counter for home care and a practice for physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

The vision and joint effort of Zorggroep Maas & Waal and the architect have led to a fitting addition to the living experience and bustle in the village center of Beuningen.

Wilhelminalaan, Beuningen

Zorggroep Maas & Waal

12.000 m2

fase 1: 2014
fase 2: 2016

Berry Cuppen, Martijn Govaarts, Gert van den Hoven

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