Akatherm, Panningen

The existing building at the Industrieweg 11 is obsolete and no longer fits the new working dynamics of the company. In an extensive research the architect and client considered revitalization possibilities of the existing building. With a new entension, the company takes on a whole new look.

On the west side of the existing building, a new volume has been built, protecting the entire production hall. The existing buildings have been plastered. The ground level of the new volume is also carried out in stucco, matching old and new. The first floor of the new building gets a large framework which gives it a strong orientation. Between the old and new a new entrance is created where a new staircase and lift connect the various building heights. The showroom is the new heart of the new building.

The parking lot has been expanded and refurbished. The cars will not park facing the wall anymore. This creates space for vegetation and a better overview. The entrance is now easily accessible.

Industrieweg 11



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