VAN AKEN, founded in 1979, is a European company based in Eindhoven (The Netherlands). 

VAN AKEN stands for integral architectural concepts. Architects, engineers and project managers work together in enthusiastic teams on assignments ranging from urban studies to housing and from care to offices and data centers. We accompany the client in the creative process and deliver a customized solution from the first sketch to the last detail. The joint goal being that all parties are proud of the result.

VAN AKEN is a warm company. The good atmosphere, within the company and with all those involved in the construction industry is, according to VAN AKEN, an advantage to make a project succeed and has a binding effect on the relationship with our partners. We are a healthy company that invests in the personal and professional development of the employees.

VAN AKEN likes complex assignments. We are known for our enormous knowledge in the high technological field (clean rooms and data centers). In addition, we are a forerunner in BIM integration, of which we regularly speak at conferences at home and abroad.

VAN AKEN feels shared responsibility for our planet and for our society. This is expressed on the one hand in the sustainable use of materials and innovative solutions in building projects and on the other hand in pro bono advice to social projects.