Controlled Environments

Controlled environments for us refers to both a design process and a product as in a typology of buildings. Whether you are a client within the semi-conductor or data center industries, or within the pharmaceutical, care, food or other industries, our work is always carried out within a guided and controlled process to ensure we achieve the maximum potential for every controlled environment we design for all our clients. Our understanding and capabilities within controlled environments are extensive and continue to grow rapidly with every new challenge we undertake. The high tech industry is constantly evolving and this inspires us.

Please download our poster, it explains how we at VAN AKEN work within controlled environments, with our partners and clients and why our goal is to achieve ‘Building Perfection’.

VAN AKEN is partner of PP4C. Professional Partners for Cleanrooms 'PP4C' is a strategic alliance between a number of professional companies in the (international) cleanroom market.
What is PP4C? A partnership between a number of reputable companies, each of which plays an important role in designing, building, arranging and maintaining turnkey cleanrooms. In addition, PP4C is able to translate (production) processes into logistic concepts. The desired conditioning is translated into the most effective and sustainable technical realization. In addition, one contact partner provides communication to and from the other parties.